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[Updated] Hollowell have confirmed their invitation for us to attend this year's Steam & Heavy Horse Show on July 7th & 8th. Let Pete know if you want to boost the numbers, as they are always very generous each year in their support for numerous charities and deserving causes.

Rushden Cavalcade have confirmed their invitation for us to attend this year's steam rally over the early May Bank Holiday. Malcolm's your man, if you want to add your name to those who are going.
It looks like we'll also be going back to the Country Fair at Belvoir Castle on July 21st & 22nd. And yes, it's Malcolm again.

Husbands Bosworth have confirmed to us their invitation to attend the Husbands Bosworth Festival / Party in the Park, though this year's date is JUNE 30th. If you'd like to join in at this lovely local event, Contact Malcolm.
The popular Earls Barton Vintage Rally has finished, but we've been invited instead to a replacement event, the Earls Barton Transport Show. It's still held over the August Bank Holiday weekend, and on the same site as the former vintage rally. If you want to come along to this new event, the person to contact is JOHN

The GB Club have re-arranged their Garden Party on their original date of April 29th, so that there is now no clash with the Central Club's Open Show. Accordingly, the Central Club's Cart Course Competition will now be held at the Open Show, rather than at the Whistley Woofers Weekend. The Central Club would also like a parade of carts in the show ring, and all carters attending on the day are invited to participate.


Here are links to video clips of the carters returning from the ring at Hollowell
on the Saturday
and on the

An Important Note For Carters: If you wish to attend an event, particularly one which requires passes, please let the Co-ordinator of the event know in plenty of time, since, while we're all keen to maximise the turnout, it can be difficult to obtain extra passes at the last minute, and the size and location of the pitch allocated to us may well have been based on a smaller turnout, making it difficult to squeeze extra carters in at the last minute, quite apart from the difficulty of getting passes to people at the last minute.
Equally, if, having received passes, you find that you can't attend after all, PLEASE LET THE CO-ORDINATOR KNOW so that spaces are not being held unnecessarily on the pitch or camping area.
Here endeth the sermon!


Available to order from Wendy & Pete (for team members)- the Midland Bernese Carters' BANDANA
[MBC Bandana]
The logo in close up
[MBC Bandana logo]
Bandanas cost 5.50 each, of which 50p goes to a doggy charity nominated by Rosemary (who embroiders the bandanas)

The CARTING TRIBUTES page is still awaiting an update to include several of our carting friends, to whom we've all had to say goodbye over the last couple of years. We hope to be able to complete this before too long as soon as I can find the time.

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