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Last update 31st January 2018


29th GB Club's Working Cart Course Competition
Priors Marston, Warwickshire. Carting Judge: - TBN
GB Club

5th, 6th & 7th Rushden Cavalcade, Rushden Northants MIDLAND / M
20th Central Club's Open Show & Working Cart Course Competition
Overseal, Nr. Burton Upon Trent. Carting Judge: - TBN
Central Club
27th & 28th Whistley Woofers Weekend - Fund Raising event for Bernese Welfare
including carting and fun events, Denbrae, Pimlico NN13 5TN, (between Silverstone & Brackley)

16th & 17th Scarecrow Festival, Syresham, NorthantsMIDLAND / T
30th Bosworth Festival & Party in the Park, Bosworth Hall, Husbands Bosworth, LeicsMIDLAND / M

7th & 8th [Updated] Hollowell Steam & Heavy Horse Show, Nr. Guilsborough, Northants MIDLAND
21st & 22nd [New] Belvoir Country Fair, Belvoir Castle, RutlandMIDLAND / M

25th to 27th Earls Barton Transport Show, Northants MIDLAND / J

Whenever we update the website, we note the fact on this page

To spread the administrative load somewhat, several carters have agreed to be responsible for co-ordinating our attendance at specific events. A letter in Bold Italic after 'MIDLAND' will indicate who the 'co-ordinator' is for each event. If no letter is shown, we (Pete & Wendy) are still the co-ordinators. The list of other event co-ordinators is as follows, but if unable to obtain a reply, please contact us instead:

T- Tim
M- Malcolm
J- John
L- Linda
E- Elaine

LB- Lynne & Brian
PB- Pauline & Martyn


Events in italics are those at which we expect to display, but for which we're still awaiting confirmation of either date, availability of carters, or invitation.
Events which are at the extremities of our normal 'patch', and those which clash with larger events, may only be attended by a small number of carters. This is usually indicated by the inclusion of # against the event, and indicates that there may not be enough carters present to provide an arena display.

We are also frequently asked to provide a presence at small local events, which clash with other displays. We try to help out by providing one or two carts when we can, subject to not depleting the main display elsewhere, and subject obviously, to the availability of 'local' carters who are willing to oblige. These will also be indicated by the inclusion of # against the event.

Other events will be added as they become known.

At most of the events listed (but not "Club" events nor pre-Christmas events) teams of carters normally provide displays of carting in the arena, and maintain a static display of carts throughout the day.

The various groups are always happy to welcome more Bernese at their events (providing of course that your dog doesn't mind being the centre of attention, and being patted by half the world and his brother!), and the MIDLAND CARTERS are always pleased to meet other carting breeds too, in order to exchange ideas and information.

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There are several Bernese Carting Groups in the UK, but due to the potentially massive audience of a Web Site, we only include events which the relevant carting group have given permission for us to include.

[Dog and Cart] For more details of MIDLAND CARTERS events above, please E-Mail us and we'll endeavour to help.

[Dog and Cart] For further details on the PENNINE BERNESE CARTERS, please E-Mail them direct.

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