30-10-93 to 29-9-00

[Nico] Nico, when at home, on holiday or just out and about. Affectionately known as "Dennis the Menace", full of character and fun loving.

Sadly missed by all

"NICO, may the earth lie lightly upon you"

Nico - when in harness and working, the perfect gentleman, ready to make friends with all he met.
Carting became a way of life for his last five years, giving us all endless hours of fun, enjoyment and friendship.
He will always be remembered as he was often called -
"A Gentle Giant".
(P.S. Special thanks to all the Midland Bernese Carters for their help, kindness and support over the past few months.)
Ken & Doris
[Doris & Nico]

NICO with Doris
Porthminster Beach, Cornwall
(one of Nico's favourite 'haunts').

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