"You've Got A Friend"

Coliburn Brolly
10th Sept. 1988 - 7th June 2002


Jebel (Coliburn Brolly) was our first Bernese bred by Jude & Brian Simonds. He was slow to make friends but once he was your friend, he was your friend for life. He wasn’t renowned for being a quiet dog as his many friends will testify! He loved fuss and attention from those that he knew well and hated to be ignored. He won the Puppy Walk at the Southern Club’s Fun Day, and although having a very individual personality, he was a very well constructed dog and enjoyed robust health throughout most of his life.

He enjoyed tackling agility obstacles in his youth, but tended to get over excited and forget to listen to where he was supposed to be going! He took to carting very quickly, becoming an Advanced Carter on the Working Cart Course, and often participated in carting displays at steam rallies and country fairs up and down the country.

The photo at the top of the page was taken when he was 12, at the campsite in Devon where we took him on holiday. The meadow had not yet been mown and was full of buttercups and daisies, as we stretched out in the sunshine of early May, gazing out to sea, our heads resting on his warm fur. He went there again the following year, but by then was gradually losing his mobility and couldn’t get as far as the meadow. He died not long after our return, just 3 months before his 14th birthday

To allow him to run free as he got a bit older, we bought a five acre wood in which he could roam as much as he liked, though perversely, he tended not to wander too far from us despite being able to do so. The photo in the snow was taken in the wood. . His cart came from an antiques warehouse in Burnley, and was our first restoration project, winning 2nd prize in the “Best Turned Out Dog, Cart, Harness and Handler” at the GB Club’s Garden Party that year. The picture below was used as the basis of a commercial rubber stamp, and was also adopted as the logo of the Midland Bernese Carters

He had a good sense of balance, and enjoyed jumping, running, & climbing. He would walk for miles on holiday without flagging and was always keen to explore new territory. Coming back when called wasn’t his strong point however!

He stayed fit and healthy until finally beginning to slow down a bit at around 12 years of age, and is pictured above (still in good voice!) with his 13th birthday cake, which he shared with the other carters at the Hanbury rally.

He was eleven and a half when the photo below was taken, in the dutch barn behind our house.

He would still pull a cart if asked, though tended to quickly lose interest. The photo above was taken in our wood.


See you at the Rainbow Bridge
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