16-3-96 to 7-12-00


Hatty and Harriet
at the Central Club's Fun day

Hatty was bred by Lisa, and carted regularly with the Midland Bernese Carters, usually in a brace with her mum, Hannah.
She was a registered PAT Dog, visiting the day wards at the George Elliott Hospital in Nuneaton, and also took part in talks to local schools on
"How to look after your pets".
Lisa and Becky would go to the schools with a few animals from the Veterinary Practice where they work - taking Hatty, plus a cat, a rabbit, a budgie and so on, to provide a 'hands-on' demonstration to what was often a class of very young children.
Hatty was always the one that they remembered!

Hatty and her cart
with young Harriet having a ride.

Hatty qualified as an Advanced Carter at the end of 1999, and came second to her mum in the Advanced Class of the Working Cart Course at the Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club's Annual Fun Day in June 2000. She achieved her Advanced Carting Certificate at the GB Club's Millenium Event in July, where she beat her mum to take 3rd place.
The judge commented,
"A lovely happy pair to watch working and doing perfectly until the home run......Hatty was very willing to please and looked a picture of happy obedience, concentrating on Lisa at all times."

[Hatty & her Mum]

Hatty and her Mum, Hannah relaxing between carting engagements

Hatty was tremendously affectionate, and loved the attention she got from the public, both at carting events and when carrying out her PAT Dog duties. We will all miss her dreadfully.

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