5th May 1993 - 3rd June 1999


Bernie was a very loving, if strong minded boy, and will be missed for a very long time. The only consolation is that right to the end, he was doing what he did best - carting.

I first saw Bernie at under a week old; he was the biggest of the three puppies and bossed his sister and brother from the start. I had the choice of the two boys, but it was no contest - he was going to be mine from the start.

He came home at seven weeks, full of life and mischief. His favourite game was playing with the garden hose - he would attack the jet, then look very puzzled when he got wet.

Bernie took to carting from the first try. We put the harness on him at 17 months, and tried him in a cart at a Country Fair about one month later - he just walked off as if to say, "Look at me, this is easy!!" He loved carting - it was the only thing that could slow him down.

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